In the world of non-profits, Bloomington PRIDE is still in its infancy. But in less than four years, we have grown from an annual film festival to an organization that can make a real and lasting impact for Hoosier LGBTQ+ people for years to come. The road hasn't been easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. We ask you to stand with us as we forge ahead to a better tomorrow.

When it comes to education and training for LGBTQ+ youth, the Prism Youth Community breaks the mold. Prism is more than a "youth group." It is a community of people ages 12–20 who are committed to one thing: ensuring that all people have access to an inclusive, safe space where their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are not only welcome but celebrated.

When you were growing up, what would it have meant to you to see an LGBTQ+ character on the screen? What impact would that have had on your life and your outlook? The PRIDE Film Festival screens films most in our community never get to see. Even better, they explore the range of issues and situations that strike a chord in each of us. 

There's no town like B-town, but we're committed to making it even better. Why? Because there are too many people in the LGBTQ+ and underserved communities who don't feel safe, don't feel included, and don't feel like they have a voice.

We want to change that. 

Bloomington PRIDE has come a long way in three years, but we can go even further with your support.
We ask you to stand with Bloomington, stand with the LGBTQ+ community, and stand with PRIDE. 

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