Community Workshop Series

Each month, Bloomington PRIDE hosts a community workshop on an issue impacting the LGBTQ community. Our three major topics for 2018 at race and racism, homelessness, and spirituality. Additional topics will be added on an ad-hoc basis. 


race & racism

This four-part series explores topics such as systemic racism, the ways white supremacy permeates our spaces and movements, intersectionality, anti-blackness, and tools and methods to put anti-racism into practice.

Upcoming dates: May 21, August 25, and November 19



This series will explore the issues impacting LGBTQ people who experience homelessness—in Bloomington and across the nation. 

Upcoming date: March 19



This series will look at the many ways LGBTQ people explore, seek out, or resist spirituality with a light cast on methods for self care and the impact of religion in our lives.