1. Your donation strengthens the future. Our youth are our future. The Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) 2013 National School Climate Survey's State Snapshot  found that Indiana schools are not safe for most LGBT secondary school students. Furthermore, the study reported those students do not have adequate access to school resources such as Gay-Straight Alliances and are not protected by comprehensive anti-bullying/harassment policies. Eighty percent of the students experienced verbal harassment due to their sexual orientation and 60% due to their gender expression. Forty percent were pushed or shoved based on their sexual orientation and 10% percent reported they were physically assaulted (e.g. punched, kicked, or injured with a weapon) due to their gender expression. Your gift helps us provide important programs for these youth through our program, Prism Youth Community. It gives them a safe space to be affirmed, supported, and celebrated. Nearly all Prism meetings and events are completely free to participants.

2. Giving to Bloomington PRIDE helps keep the arts alive. Keep Bloomington artsy. Art is a common language that everybody can speak. It cuts across racial, social, economic, cultural, and educational barriers. Since 2003, Bloomington PRIDE has been stimulating community participation in the arts and improving the quality of life for visitors and residents through the PRIDE Film Festival and since 2014 with Summerfest. Your gift helps us provide unique, diverse, and exciting artistic programs for all people.

3. Working together, we can create a more prosperous community. All people should be treated fairly. In Indiana we’re known for our Hoosier hospitality, so let’s keep up the good work. Legislation in recent years like HJR6/3, RFRA, and gender identity and sexual orientation as unprotected classes send the wrong message to businesses, families, and youth -- resulting in a divided state. Bloomington is home to the nation’s fifth-largest per capita population of same-sex households. We were named the 4th gayest city in America by the Advocate in 2010. Your gift helps us bring together individuals from all sorts of groups including political parties, the queer community, residents and non residents, film buffs, prospective investors, students, seniors, single people, families, couples, etc. to celebrate our common bonds and differences and to have a lot of fun.