Pridefest Entertainment Program

The fun starts at 2pm with a walking rally from Grant Street to the Kirkwood stage. Festival performers include Big Dipper, KC Ortiz, Lucy Stoole, Tenderoni, Cleo Pockalipps, Pat Yo Weave, Mocha T. Debeauté, Royalty—Prince Tribute Band, gothic folk group The Wanting, and comedian Deanne Smith.

featured entertainers

The schedule

kirkwood Stage, 2–11pm
stage Host: Alex Hollett

  • 2pm: Festival march ft. a performance by Alexandria Swan Tuesday and remarks by No Space for Hate

  • 2:45pm: Quarryland Men’s Chorus

  • 3pm: Emma Peridot

  • 3:30pm: Tanner T

  • 4pm: Drag show: Queer Icons with Oriana Perón, Em Merle, Luxe Monroe St. Moore, Melody Monet, Vex Beaverhausen, Beeka Lovelace-Perón, Bendovah Plenti, Gaia Ciccone, Juniper Perón, Ginger Pétillant-Perón, Anne Dramaduh, Leo

  • 5pm: Sean Green

  • 6pm: The Wanting

  • 7pm: Drag show: Comedy with Lucy Stoole, Tenderoni, Oriana Perón, Jaimee Spangle & CC Leopard, Peter Von Teaser, Norah Borealis

  • 7:30pm: Deanne Smith

  • 8pm: Royalty

  • 9:15pm: KC Ortiz & Big Dipper

  • 10pm: Drag show: Pridefest Finale with Alexandria Swan Tuesday, Cleo Pockalipps, Tenderoni, Pat Yo Weave, Mocha T. Debeauté, Alice Sin, Alexandria Swan Tuesday, Verna Vendetta

  • 11pm: Pridefest After Party (Location: The Back Door)

  • 11pm: Bloomington PRIDE & LowPone present: Grand Dame: Femmes & Thems (Location: The Blockhouse)

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