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Pridefest is Saturday, August 25!

We'll kick things off with workshops at Monroe County Public Library at 11am. The street festival will get underway at 3pm on East Kirkwood Avenue (between Walnut and Grant Streets). 

Suggested donation: $5. This will go to support Bloomington PRIDE programs, outreach, and events throughout the year. 


Monroe County Public Library, August 22

  • 7–9pm
    Sexual Pleasure Among Cisgender Women of All Orientations with Dr. Debby Herbenick, Indiana University

    Location: Room 1C
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    Dr. Debby Herbenick will share her recent research on sexual pleasure, exploration, and orgasm among cisgender women of various sexual orientations.

Monroe County Public Library, 11am–2:50pm

  • 11am–Noon
    Recoloring Your Rainbow
    with Ron Clemons, MSW

    Location: Room 2A
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    We all age. Unfortunately, society treats aging and being elderly as somewhat of an illness and inundates older folks with negative messages and images about their place on the life wheel. But older LGBTGAI people are part of the generation that changed the narrative about our nature! We can bring those skills and perspectives back to help navigate the uncharted path before us and to redefine aging.

    In this class, we will use discussion, information, and exercises to learn about having a safe place to be authentic, redefining aging, embracing the inevitable changes that come with being alive, exploring and building on available community resources.

  • 12:15–1:15pm
    Sexuality and Gender: A Family-Friendly Intro for Youngsters
    Bloomington PRIDE's Prism Youth Community

    Location: Room 2A
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    Bloomington PRIDE's Prism Youth Community will host this workshop and activity space for anyone ages 9-12. The workshop will include a short presentation exploring different sexual orientations and gender identities and hands-on activities such as Jeopardy!, word searches, and coloring. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

  • 1:30–2:30pm
    Pride in PrEP: HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 101
    with Jesse Elkins and Emily Brinegar, IU Health

    Location: Room 2B
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    This is a discussion about the HIV preventative measure that has created a ripple in healthcare worldwide since FDA approval in 2012. We will discuss PrEP basics, followed by PrEP access, cost, and feasibility. More importantly, this conversation will open dialogue aimed at becoming an advocate for your own sexual health. We will share barriers, anxieties, and stigma and workshop ways of overcoming these obstacles by reframing sexual health and emphasizing self-advocacy and agency.

  • 1:30–2:30pm
    Why Sex Workers Can't Complain About Work
    with Alison S.

    Location: Auditorium
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    Sex work is one of the least understood and most stigmatized industries in the world. This stigma manifests in a number of ways, ranging from "concern trolling" to vastly increased murder rates. In this talk, veteran sex worker, activist, and ex-academic Allison S. will discuss both the impacts of stigma and how allies and accomplices can do better. This conversation is for adults. * Content warning: sexual assault, violence, racism

  • 1:30–3pm
    Transgender in Indiana: Sharing Our Experiences
    with community members

    Location: Room 2A
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    Join us for the second annual panel discussion with transgender folks from Bloomington and the surrounding community. Panelists from a variety of backgrounds will share their experiences with the goal of creating a greater sense of acceptance and understanding amongst the broader community.

HIV Testing with IU Heath Positive Link

Monroe County Public Library, Meeting Room 2A, 3–6pm

pridefest live shows


3pm: Huckleberry Funk
4pm: DJ Ferocious Gold
4:30pm: Drag Show featuring Pat Yo Weave, Vex Beaverhausen, Vanity Perón, Bendovah Plenti, and August Celestial
6pm: Kool Breed
6:30pm: Drag Show featuring Pat Yo Weave, Tia Mirage Hall, Ida Kay, Verna Vendetta, Beeka Lovelace-Perón, and Peter Von Teaser
8pm: Diane Coffee
9pm: The Back Door presents Sasha Velour at Bloomington Pridefest with Pat Yo Weave, Mocha T. Debeauté, Envy T. Debeauté, Jaimee Spangle + Baby Spangle, Oriana Perón, Matilda Rose, JJ Suede, and Corvin Rose
10pm: Rebecca Ciaglia and DJ Spikes; Sasha Velour meet & greet


4pm: PrideSlam Spoken Word Poets
4:15pm: Quarryland Men’s Chorus
4:45pm: Emily Morrone
5:30pm: Drag Show featuring Envy T. Debeauté, Tia Mirage Hall, Brock Harder, Ruth N. Nasia, Ginger Pétillant-Perón, and Homo Rekher
6:15pm: The All-New Insane
6:45pm: Erin Tobey
7:15pm: Drag Show featuring Mocha T. Debeauté, Envy T. Debeauté, Oriana Perón, Verna Vendetta, Ida Kay, JB Awesome, Ruth N. Nasia, and three princes and princesses

8pm: Diane Coffee

9pm: the back door presents sasha velour