Is your pet a star? Then make sure they have a chance to be in Bloomington PRIDE's 2018 Pets of Pride calendar!


  • All submissions will be included in the calendar collage and the Facebook gallery
  • To be eligible to win a featured month, please abide by the following guidelines:
    • Households may submit one (1) application per species (all species are welcome).
    • Photos must be:
      • well-focused and sharp
      • high resolution with at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)
      • in JPEG (JPG) or TIFF format
      • in color
      • horizontal layout
    • Photos fitting calendar month themes/seasons (e.g., Halloween, Pride, winter) are encouraged.
    • Photos can include family members (human or other pets).


All entries will be blind judged. 

additional information

  • All proceeds from calendar sales will benefit Bloomington PRIDE educational programming and outreach efforts.
  • Everyone who submits a photo is guaranteed to have their pet's photo printed in the calendar collage and in an online Facebook gallery.

entry form

The submission form requires a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, please contact us for other submission options. 

Tips for Photographing Your Pet

Some pets are harder to photograph than others. Here are a few tips on getting that perfect picture:

Location and background

  • Look for a location where your pet will be relaxed and natural.
  • Photograph your pet against a color that contrasts with his/her coat.

It's in the eyes

  • Focus on your pet's eyes, as the eyes will convey your pet's personality the best.
  • Avoid shooting in low light situations where flash is required and your pet's eyes are likely to glow.

Black and white coats

  • When working with dark animals, make adjustments to properly expose the image.
  • When photographing animals with very light coats, make sure the lighting is not too bright.


  • Don't get frustrated. Stay relaxed and have fun, and your pet will too!
  • Use a squeak toy or treat to get your pet to look toward the camera.


Is your small business or organization interested in advertising in the calendar? Please contact us for details