2018 Film AWARDS

The following prizes were awarded at the 2018 PRIDE Film Festival:

  • Alfred C. Kinsey Prize: Roser Oliver & Lluís MontserratTransitioning: Transgender Children
    The Alfred C. Kinsey Prize is given to a film that furthers our understanding of gender and sexuality. The winning filmmaker is invited to submit a copy of the film to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.  
  • Danielle McClelland Emerging Filmmaker Award: Milena Salazar & Joella Cabalu, Do I Have Boobs Now?
    The Danielle McClelland Emerging Filmmaker Award honors a new filmmaker (who has submitted no more than two films on the festival circuit) who contributes to the advancement of LGBTQ film.
  • Jury Selection: Vincent Gagliostro, After Louie
    The Jury Selection Award honors the overall favorite of members of the Film Selection Committee.