The Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival takes place Jan. 25–27, 2018 at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater (Bloomington, Indiana). The festival features nine screening blocks with 25 short- and feature-length films, as well as two filmmaker talkbacks.

Film Schedule

Thursday, 7pm

Friday, 5pm

Friday, 7pm

Friday, 9:30pm

Saturday, noon (free screening)

  • Monotony (Russell Sheaffer, 2:20 min)
    Shot on 16mm and edited fully in-camera, Monotony works to blend fantasy and reality into an exploration of our morning rituals.
  • Polysemy (Russell Sheaffer, 1:59 min, contains strong language and sexual content)
    Comprised entirely of single frame images, Polysemy mixes sexually explicit and religious iconography to unsettle our obscure notions of three words we use as expletives. Filmed with assistance from Sam Barden.
  • Kinsey Institute: Past Present (Jessica Rosen, 4.16min, contains art with a sexual nature)
    Feature story on the Kinsey Institute art exhibit “Past Present.” 
  • Same Love (Jinghua Tu, 14 min)
    Same Love explores both the personal relationships and the politics involved in same sex relationships in Indiana. 
  • We'll Be All Right (Barton Girdwood & Carissa Barret, 10:15 min)
    Frankie Presslaff's biggest fear was losing his mother, and after it happened, he finds himself caught between mourning her and keeping her alive in the only way he knows how. "Mim" follows the rediscovery of Frankie's mother through the lives of his adopted children.
  • Queer Yet Godly (Joshua Byron, 3:54 min, brief cartoon nudity)
    A short 16mm film that serves as a meditation on religion, sexual identity, and gender. Direct animation on an old educational film.
  • Same Love (Henry Malone, 5:19 min)
    Originally intended to make a travel video about a road trip to a gay wedding, this film became a powerful and moving statement on same sex unions.
  • Equity on Campus (TJ Jaeger, 6:01 min)
    Though many consider Indiana University to be a safe, all-inclusive community, there are still some very likely risks for harm. This film works to make the audience feel what it is like being a transgender student at IU on both a micro and macro level.
  • Keeping the Back Door Open (Baxter McCory, 3 min)
    Visit Bloomington’s favorite unicorn sanctuary and nightclub in Baxter McCory’s feature story on the Back Door, with co-owners Nicci B and Smoove G.

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