Pridefest Entertainment Program

We've upped the ante! Pridefest now has two stages: the Upland Stage (CVS parking lot) and the Boston Scientific Stage (Kirkwood & Lincoln). 

The fun starts at 3pm on the Upland stage with Huckleberry Funk—a funk, rock, and soul band based in Bloomington. At 4pm, Quarryland Mens Chorus will open the Boston Scientific stage on Lincoln Street. Additional performers include our headliner Sasha VelourDiane Coffee, and Kool Breed.

Upland Stage (3–11pm, cvs parking lot)
stage Host: Pat yo weave

  • 3pm: Huckleberry Funk
  • 4pm: DJ Ferocious Gold
  • 4:30pm: Drag Show featuring Pat Yo Weave, Vex Beaverhausen, Vanity Perón, Bendovah Plenti, and August Celestial
  • 5pm: DJ MADDØG
  • 6pm: Kool Breed
  • 6:30pm: Drag Show featuring Pat Yo Weave, Tia Mirage Hall, Ida Kay, Verna Vendetta, Beeka Lovelace-Perón, and Peter Von Teaser
  • 8pm: Diane Coffee
  • 9pm: The Back Door presents Sasha Velour at Bloomington Pridefest with Pat Yo Weave, Mocha T. Debeauté, Envy T. Debeauté, Jaimee Spangle + Baby Spangle, Oriana Perón, Matilda Rose, JJ Suede, and Corvin Rose
  • 10pm: Rebecca Ciaglia and DJ Spikes; Sasha Velour meet & greet

boston scientific stage (4–8pm, lincoln & kirkwood)
Stage host: Envy T. Debeauté

  • 4pm: PrideSlam Spoken Word Poets

  • 4:15pm: Quarryland Men’s Chorus
  • 4:45pm: Emily Morrone
  • 5:30pm: Drag Show featuring Envy T. Debeauté, Tia Mirage Hall, Brock Harder, Ruth N. Nasia, Ginger Pétillant-Perón, and Homo Rekher
  • 6:15pm: The All-New Insane
  • 6:45pm: Erin Tobey
  • 7:15: Drag Show featuring Mocha T. Debeauté, Envy T. Debeauté, Oriana Perón, Verna Vendetta, Ida Kay, JB Awesome, Ruth N. Nasia, and three princes and princesses

Pridefest 2018 Sponsorship

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